FINAL PHOTOHistory Box is me, Dr Ariane Galy. Through History Box, I offer professional historical research and analysis in the UK. I have a Doctorate in History and over a decade of research and writing experience.

My own research specialism is in Soviet history, in particular Stalinism, the perception of Stalin and his regime in the West and the notion of the Russian ‘other’. However, through History Box I undertake research on a huge variety of historical topics. I previously taught European history 1500-1991 for several years at the University of Edinburgh and have extensive experience of presenting historical events and contexts, as well as my own research, in clear, accessible and engaging ways in both written and spoken form for a variety of audiences. I have a large network of contacts made up of specialists in a number of fields and being based in London means I have easy access to the city’s rich library and archival resources.

Qualifications and experience summary:

    • MA (Hons), MSc by Research, Ph.D. (History)
    • Over 10 years of archival and historiographical research
    • 4 years of teaching European History at the University of Edinburgh, nominated for an Edinburgh University Students’ Association Teaching Award
    • Delivering history presentations and papers to a variety of specialist and non-specialist audience
    • Historical blog and website content writing
    • Contributing as a ‘talking head’ on historical topics
    • Proofreading, editing and fact checking copy (historical and other, including academic and non-academic texts, book drafts, articles etc).
    • Native French/English bilingualism

© Ariane Galy and History Box, 2019.

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