Sophy Roberts, journalist and author http://www.sophyroberts.com

Sophy Roberts is an acclaimed British travel writer.

Project: to work through the manuscript of Sophy’s book The Lost Pianos of Siberia – a non fiction work exploring the history of Siberia and the Russian Far East through her quest to find a piano in Siberia worthy of a brilliant musician. My work involved checking and reviewing the Russian and Soviet history content, ensuring culturally sensitive topics were tackled appropriately and undertaking Russian to English transliteration for names and place names. See http://www.lostpianosofsiberia.com

Definition Media  http://www.definitionmedia.co.uk

Defintion Media is a UK based TV and Film production company.

Project: historical research for a television documentary. The period of research spanned right across the ages, though the main body of work was focused on the twentieth century. I contributed to the programme as a ‘talking head’, presenting and discussing my findings on camera. Released across Europe in Autumn 2015 (footage available).

DesignBridge  http://www.designbridge.com

DesignBridge is a leading and award-winning global marketing agency.

Project: historical research to help inform the rebrand of a DesignBridge client. This client was a company with a long and interesting history dating back to the nineteenth century, which they wished to recapture within the brand’s new identity. The assignment involved digging around London’s many large and smaller local archives, and collaborating closely with DesignBridge to ensure the historical information I found was presented to them in a way that was useful and relevant to their creative process.

Turner Duckworth http://www.turnerduckworth.com

Turner Duckworth is a multi award-winning marketing and design agency, with studios in London and San Francisco.

Project: research the history of a country house in order to inform the creative work on branding the house as a new business. The brief was to find those golden historical nuggets that would bring the house’s history to life, helping to identify key characteristics about it. This involved delving into London’s archival resources, but also discovering and researching local county and parish archives.

Find Out About Russia http://www.findoutaboutrussia.co.uk & http://www.scotlandrussiaforum.org

Find Out About Russia is an iniative of the Scotland-Russia Forum, which aims to help children to learn about Russia.

Project: The SRF asked me to write a concise history of Russia for the new FOAR website, with the brief that it must be suitable and entertaining for children, as well as accurate and informative. The main challenge of this project was undoubtedly condensing Russia’s long and complex history into two webpages!

Charles Marsden-Smedley http://www.charlesmarsden-smedley.com

Charles Marsden-Smedley is a museum and exhibition designer based in London, whose wide portfolio includes clients such as museums, galleries and auction houses.

Project: I joined Charles as part of his team pitching to design the new Islamic galleries of the British Museum. I was brought in to provide a link between the design and curatorial aspects of the project. Charles felt that as an historian, I could help to inform the design process through interpreting and communicating the needs of the British Museum curators and the contexts of their objects.

Dr Alexander Titov


Dr Alexander Titov is a Lecturer in Modern European History at Queen’s University Belfast.

Project: proofreading the copy of Alex’s most recent book draft. This involved stylistic, syntactical and grammatical correction as well as editing some areas.

Why Research http://whyresearch.co.uk/

Why Research is an independent market and social research agency based in Edinburgh.

Project: research and production of a concise, accurate and informative written piece on the history of a particular aspect of modern cultural and religious life, to inform a pitch to an important client. This involved social, cultural and religious history research, consolidated into a useful, accurate and accessible report.

Compass Box Whisky Co.  http://www.compassboxwhisky.com

Compass Box Whisky Co. is a multi award-winning specialist Scotch whiskymaker based in London.

Project: proofreading of Compass Box’s new 68-page sales manual. This covered stylistic, synctactical and grammatical proofreading, ensuring that the text was consistent and correct throughout.

Private Client

A small research project for a private individual. This client was undertaking a research project of his own, and required assistance with investigating and translating French-language archival resources relating to a particular aspect of nineteenth century French & British history.

This required online research into French sources and resources, and offering the client several other avenues to pursue that could be relevant to him, and could be read in English.

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